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If you want to get the most from your weight training workouts, you need to understand how important it is to eat the right muscle building diet for maximum growth results.


So many people who hit the gym regularly to pump iron and build their muscle mass fail to recognise the importance that diet has on their muscle development. If you want to get maximum growth of your biceps and maximum development of your pectorals, you have to eat the right foods as well as follow the right weight training program.


Firstly, you need to make sure your diet is rich in protein.  Lean red meat, chicken and turkey are excellent sources of protein, and they also contain other vitamins essential to muscle growth. Eggs are also another great source of natural protein.


Combined with the protein, you should include fish for a source of omega-3 oils, milk to provide calcium to keep your bones strong and nuts as a source of unsaturated fats.


You should eat complex carbs such as oatmeal to fuel your workouts and to stimulate your muscle growth, and avoid everyday carbs such as potatoes and bread. Supplement all of these foods with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, whilst avoiding all processed foods, and you will be providing your muscles with all the right ingredients they need to grow and add mass.


Feeding your muscles properly is absolutely critical to maximise the benefits from your body building workouts.  Working your muscles without feeding them will lead to limited growth, regardless of how heavy you lift.



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